LED lights are the future and the future is here now. The move toward LED lights has been fast forwarded by the world’s governments reaction to the energy crisis in the early 2000s. With industrial development, population growth, continued wars in the middle east, oil speculations, peak oil demands and the drop in value of currencies has been attributed to the energy crisis in 2008 with an all-time high of $147.30 a barrel.

In the wake of legislation being passed and politicians pulling back on implementation time frames, the lighting industry was forced to manufacture light bulbs to cover their bases on all the new rules that may be imposed. Many lighting manufactures started to pull back their production of incandescent light bulbs in favor of CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs. Some manufactures went directly to LED lighting once the technology became more favorable.

Over the last ten years, Star LED had been manufacturing LED products for the global market in its 200,000 square foot plant in Hangzhou City, China. The facility had been producing LED lights for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, South America, Canada and the United States under brands you already know. The factory is highly regulated by the government and exceeds all standards in manufacturing and production. The labor force is highly skilled and trained in-house and Star LED has an above average employee retention rate within the country. People in and around Hangzhou City find the Star LED factory as a huge asset to the community due to its ethical work environment and lack of pollution.

Star LED headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida in a dual purpose 10,000 square foot facility. Being both minutes away from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and within the boat and yacht district, Star LED created a beautiful showroom which display all of their LED lighting products. The rest of the facility is a warehouse that carries stock over 300,000 units. The facility in Fort Lauderdale also houses the product and sales training center, technical design team, online marketing, customer service, and is the distribution center for the United States.

StarLED is location in many popular locations like; City Electric Supply, True Value Hardware, Ace Hardware, National Marine Suppliers, Wards Marine Electric, Capitol Lighting and Light Bulbs Unlimited.  At these locations, the experts assist customers in choosing the correct LED lights for their applications. Some of the StarLED retailers will offer installation and recycling of your old CFL and incandescent light bulbs.

Governments around the world have passed and are enforcing measures to reduce the “energy wasting” habits of humans and to put into place measures for more efficient use of and alternatives to fossil fuels.  One such measure is the phase out of incandescent light bulbs by each country has its own set of regulations or laws to achieve their goal. The United States had passed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which does not directly phase out incandescent light bulbs, but does heavily regulate manufactures and business who make and sell light bulbs to meet stringent guidelines.

Star LED opted to stay out of the incandescent light bulb and CFL (compact fluorescent light) business. This decision was due to the dislike of the CFL light bulbs by most consumers and the negative environmental impact with the disposal of mercury into landfills.  Star LED became the first lighting company to solidify a linear path in the overseas LED market to the United States and the world. This was possible by focusing the company’s resources in only LED light products. Since the factory was designed with LED light products being produced, there was no need for glass production, argon gasses, tungsten filaments or hazardous mercury. The manufacturing of LED diodes and surface mounting is a much cleaner and less dangerous environment for the workers and easier on the environment.


Star LED made the decision a couple of years ago to only provide manufacturing to their own private label brand, Star LED. This allows the company to bring innovation of its own LED products directly to the consumer at a better value over the big name brands.  This move was in reaction to the big name brand LED suppliers and retail stores gouging consumers on price. Each one of the big name suppliers were selling the exact same product, manufactured by Star LED factory. Now many of the big name brand supplies of LED light bulbs are scrambling to find other manufactures in China to fill their orders, most of lesser quality. As a new business model, Star LED has cut the “middle man” out of the equation.

StarLED has partner distributor locations all over the United States and the World. As a business model, StarLED is setting up distribution points in every state and at key locations around the world. These distributions centers supply retail stores, electrical supply stores, home improvement outlets, hardware stores, warehouse clubs, and mom & pop stores. Out distribution teams also have the expertise of the LED product, installation advice and assistance, project management, local rebates and incentives provided by the government and municipalities.