Jeep LED Light Installation

Video Transcripts:


Modifications to Jeeps started with the military by adding gun turrets, ammunition boxes and hitches to pull heavy equipment. Private owners started modifying jeeps with bigger tires, lift kits and light bars. StarLED is quickly becoming the leader in LED light replacements for all models of Jeeps.

We have removed the grill of this 2016 Jeep Wrangler to access the headlights, blinkers and fog lights. It’s a simple process, since Jeeps have plenty of room to maneuver.

The removal of a jeep headlight is a simple process by just removing the 4 screw holding the light reflector. Here we are removing the front headlight reflector to get to the twist in HID light bulb.

Unplug the bulb from the power wire and twist the old HID light bulb counter clockwise to remove it.

Putting in the new StarLED H13 Headlight LED light bulb is just as easy with a twist clockwise. Then connect back up the power to the bulb and put back the housing screws.

The front directional bulbs are even easier to replace. Just unplug the old incandescent bulb and replace it with th StarLED 3157 LED light bulb.

Here you can see the difference between the new StarLED LED lights and the old incandescent lights.

With the front grill installed you can see how bright and modern looking the LED headlights and driving lights look.

Replacement of the side markers are simple with the plug and play StarLED T10 bulbs.

Now you have a much brighter side marker lamp, so there is no excuse from other drivers that they cannot see you.

The tail lights and backup lights are also a quick install with just a simple twist removal of the old bulbs and installation of the new StarLED 3157 LED light bulb for the Brakes and the StarLED 3156 LED light bulb for the backup lights.

The original interior lights barely light up the inside of the Jeep.

Replacing them with the SV8.5 at 39mm lets you see everything inside of your Jeep and add safety for your occupants.

Demand that your local automotive store carry the StarLED lights if they don’t already or get them today at