StarLED Ballast Bypass Instruction for LED High Bay Installation


This is the video instruction on how to bypass the ballast of a high bay light which uses a metal-halide high bay light. We want to replace he metal-halide light with a new StarLED 100W High Bay LED light bulb which uses far less energy as the 400W metal-halide. The StarLED 100W High Bay light bulbs also operates at a much cooler temperature, puts out 8000 lumens and will last 50,000 hours of continued use. There is also no startup time when you turn on the lights or if there is a restore from a power interruption. The savings all around for this light cannot be matched.
Video Transcript:

This video will walk you through steps to install your new StarLED High Bay light bulb. You will be required to bypass the current metal-halide ballast in your high bay lights.

This will allow you to properly install your new Star LED High Bay LED light as seen here.

Please note that if you have any concern about performing the steps in this video, we would suggest that you employ the assistance of an electrician.

If you or your hired electrician has any questions, he or she can reference this video for detailed instructions or contact Star LED directly.


You will first want to disconnect the power before clipping the power cable and removing your old metal-halide light from the ceiling.


After cooling and removal from the ceiling, place the unit face down to access the junction box.


To open the junction box, remove the locking screw with either a screwdriver or a socket wrench depending on what was used during the initial installation. If corrosion has occurred, you may want to replace the screw and or the junction box.

Once the panel is removed, you will see all of the electrical cables from the unit attached using twist on wire connectors to the power cord.

Next you will want to remove the screws holding the ballast housing together. This can also be done with a screwdriver or a socket wrench. Be careful as to not lose the screws in this process.


You will also want to remove the screws that hold the ballast housing to the aluminum light reflector or acrylic light diffuser if applicable.


Continue to take apart the junction box and remove it from the ballast to expose the electrical wires.

You may want to slide the junction box down the power cable to give yourself some slack to work with.


Opening the ballast housing will expose the ballast, typically covered with a protective fireproof paper and the capacitor as see here in the back of the housing.

Next disconnect the white or gray wire also known as the neutral wire from the ballast.

Then disconnect the black wire also known as the hot wire from the ballast.

There is no need to disconnect the green wire which is ground and should already be connected to the ground on the external cord.


You will then want to clip the exposed wire ends for safety purposes. You do not want any open wires to short on the ballast housing.

Put all of the non-used wires back into the ballast housing, leaving the black, green and white or gray wire out.

Make sure that the three wires are coming out of the top of the ballast housing and make sure that no wires are crimped by the housing which can create a fire hazard.

Close back up the ballast house in reverse order of removal. Remember to replace all of the screws to the aluminum reflector or acrylic light diffuser.


Next you will want to connect the power cord to the exposed wires using the proper twist on wire connectors. This should be simple enough since there is only the black wire and the white or gray wire to connect. Verify that the green ground wire is connected properly and is not loose.


Here is a close up of how the wires should be connected.


Next, you will want to replace the junction box in the reverse order of removal. Push the exposed wires into the junction box and close it up. Make sure that you do not pinch or crimp any wires in the junction box which can cause a fire or electric hazard.


Next open the box of your new StarLED High Bay light bulb and inspect it for any damage. If you find any damage to your new bulb, please contact Star LED as soon as possible for a replacement.

Un-screw the old metal-halide light bulb and dispose of it properly.

Now, simple screw in the new 100 watt cool LED high bay light bulb.

Next, you will want to hook your light back into place and reconnect the power cable to the main line using the proper twist on wire connectors.


Finally, don’t forget to turn the power back on once you have finished and visit Star LED for your LED lighting needs.