StarLED Flame Tip LED Filament Candelabra Light Bulb by Star LED

LED light bulbs are the future and Star LED is leading the way with the dimmable 2 watt 165 lumen Flame Tip Filament Light Bulb.

This decorative Candelabra light bulb comes in the 3000 kelvin color range and is designed to look like a traditional Edison style clear incandescent light bulb, allowing the observer to see the glowing wire filaments — and to create a feeling of nostalgia without the heat and danger of a traditional light source.

The Star LED Flame Tip Filament Light bulb is made of glass and can be mixed with traditional incandescent light bulbs within the same light fixture with a nominal differences in look. Seen here, by changing out a traditional incandescent light bulb with an LED filament light bulb, there is virtually no difference between the two except for the savings.

The Star LED Flame Tip Filament Light Bulb has two thin LED elements which run the length of the bulb to balance out the light output.

At only 165 lumens this 2 watt dimmable light bulb can really impress your visiting guest.

You will not see much of a difference compared to your traditional clear flame tip filament light bulbs, but you will see the savings when on your next electric bill.

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