StarLED Standard Household Light Bulb A19 E26 3W 3000K (30W Equivalent)

LED light bulbs are the future and Star LED is leading the way with the 255 lumen low energy light bulb.

At 3 watts, its equivalent to a 30 watt incandescent light bulb.

Using the standard E26 screw socket base, this LED light bulb easily fits into a traditional household lamp. Unlike traditional incandescent and CFL light bulb, the Star LED light bulb can be handled without a cool down period. Virtually indestructible with its plastic cover the Star LED light bulb is safe around children and pets. Risk of fire is non existent in both normal environments and around hazardous gasses.

Inside the Star LED light bulb is 6 energy saving high output LED diodes.

The 3 watt, 3000 Kelvin, warm white LED light bulb from Star LED comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Get yours at