T8 / T12 Ballast Bypass Instruction for LED G12 Bi-Pin Tube Light


Video Transcripts:


This is the StarLED LED T8 ballast bypass video. Its purpose is to show you, step-by-step, how to convert your current 4 foot T8 or T12 fluorescent tube light fixture to use the StarLED ballast bypass LED tube lighting. If for any reason you feel that that the instructions are too complicated or you are unsure of project, we suggest using a fully qualified electrician to perform the task.

T12 fluorescent light bulbs use a G13 bi-pin socket and are currently being phased out due to their lack of being efficient.

T8 fluorescent light bulbs also use the G13 bi-pin socket and are more efficient that T12s, but not as much as LEDs.

Here you can see that both size tubes use the same G13 bi-pin socket.

To start, you will want to remove the lamp cover by taking out the screws.

Here you will see the exposed wires and of course the ballast, which we are going to bypass.

Next, you will want to locate hot or live wire. You want to redirect the power to the two yellow wires in this lamp fixture. The neutral wire in this lamp fixture will connect directly to the red and blue wires. Note that not all fixtures will have color coded wires so you will want to be sure what wires you are working with.

Clip the hot or live wire and the yellow wires which are just one side of each of the two lamp plugs. You are only wiring one side of the fluorescent lamp since StarLED ballast bypass LED tube lights get their power from one side. It really does not matter which side of the lamp holder you are using. You just want to make sure that you connect the hot wire to one side and the neutral wire to the other side. Here we are stripping the ends of the three wires to make a connection with a wire nut of the hot line and one side of each of the lamp holders.

Next, you will want to identify the neutral wire and the other two wires, in this case red and blue, which are attached directly to the lamp holders. You will want to cut the neutral wire coming from the power cable and splice them together with the red and blue wire using a wire nut. Make sure to tuck away all of the other wires and verify that nothing is passing through the ballast. Verify that the green ground wire is secure to the lamp housing.

Here is what your wiring should look like. Nothing passing through the ballast.

Close up the lamp housing and install the new StarLED T8 LED’s label side toward the power. This holds true with both the aluminum back ballast bypass LED T8 Tubes and the glass LED T8 Tubes.

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